Where The River Runs


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Make 'Em Pay 03:54
One for my honey, two for the dough I gotta get that money We’re playing that show Oh, don’t wanna break even No, do you hear what I’m saying? Go, just give me the real thing Make ‘em pay If you don’t, they’ll make you bleed Make ‘em pay, all the way You gotta hold on to the lead Make ‘em pay, make ‘em pay it now Can’t pay the bills with effort and time Got a lotta lotta love but I don’t have a dime They say they wanna help and give you a hand I hear the same thing from everyone... Make a stand!
1, 4, where’s the 2 and 3? I can’t count the blues Keep on jumpin’ now and move your feet You’ve got nothin’ to lose I fought on a darkened street The man was full of booze ‘Cuz I would kill for my Baltic queen Oh, just light my fuse Going out with me is always trouble And I don’t mean to but I can’t help myself Picking up the pieces now you’re holding on Like a rollercoaster climbing, waiting to fall It’s night-time, you’re mine All these people are gonna start a riot In the name of love Once more, don’t accept defeat, I won’t take abuse I’m on fire, gonna give ‘em heat The bomb can’t be defused I’m so misunderstood Cuz my power’s over 9,000, haaaah! Just cut me loose
In my arms at first she was a stranger But after the rain, I knew that I could change her My dreadlocked dude who does tattoos He sold me our first hit Fortnightly, she came to stay We painted in the air This love was heaven-sent It’s not the same when she’s not by my side I wanted more and more Living in a summer dream We’re counting all the stars Travelling in time we’re free We lost our minds but changed our lives That was ages ago Tripping balls and dripping walls Sweating colours everywhere
Catastrophe 03:33
One day, at night, I heard that you got hurt She almost broke you but you hold on But now you got that feelin' that you just need to go, "I forgive you but I won't forget" And you stay awake all on your own You'll find a way to carry on It's a catastrophe How could this ever be? You're tryin' to look on the bright side But there's nothin' left to see Her day's highlight is diggin' up some dirt You stay in silence ‘cos it's golden Bleedin' heart, her time has come Fighting a war that can't be won You lost sight of who and what you are Don’t have to take this on your own
Picked you up on my radar As the smoke cleared the air You could feel the fire in my heart And I didn’t care Gotta show what you’re made of Shouldn’t feel like a dare Never been a liar from the start No matter when or where I’ll give you more And charge you with electric feeling You might’ve been through wars But you always come out the other side You’re coming home with me, my little baby Don’t leave the light on in my lair Open that doorway at the top of the stairs It’s a starry night tonight, we can brave it Breathe with the light out, look up to the sky There’s a thousand versions of you Somewhere out there
Cats’ eyes stealing the limelight Heaven is a place with no more evil on our lands Nine lives sealing the fate of the devil What he sees above his hell is in our hands Losing your cool with drama over nothing Taking out your frustration, lashing out Let yourself go, that’s your mind blown Hold on for the ride It’s the fear of heights Beyond the lights above us Sky high, my head is now gaining perspective An out of body moment of clarity Hive mind, everything living’s connected A soul pulsating lost in gravity All the people out there raise your hands You’re the only ones who understand
Believe It 04:50
I’d been runnin’ for the last time I was lucky to find my home Exactly what I wanted No longer have to roam One glance, I knew I need it The first time I missed my break One chance, oh, you’ve got to seize it There’s no fate but what we make Why can’t we just believe it We’ve been waiting for this night Can’t we just release it In the garden I’d been building The roots became my veins I can’t help it - Got this feeling That everything’s connected here They are voices in your head Or just choices if you dare
Still High 05:25
She was coy, but kind-hearted, somewhat privately Flash in my eyes, they darted, watching her be free She wasn't ready for me hiding from the world She said she didn’t believe in love Ooh, so I knew she’d had heartbreak before No doubt, she gets invited out But she’d rather stay at home She can't contain herself forever Still high on a Saturday night How did we survive? We’re never defeated here If you’re feelin’ alive - Indestructible Felt like we’d known each other somewhere back in time Pretending we cared less, but it was so sublime Hold up, hard-up honey; in hindsight, so absurd We were already fallin' but didn’t say the word You’ll get all the love I’m dealin’ Get together and share that feeling Got to get sober we’re still high tonight
I’m not from the city, I’m from a slow small town It was simple and pretty, but it ain’t got a sound Oh, it’s such a pity my folk want me around Gotta show them I’m gritty and make ‘em proud Divin’ in hard it’s about the people that you know ‘Cuz no-one cares about who you wanna be And everybody wants to be that one Better than you, better than me I don’t wanna fight anyone Where the river runs, I’ll walk Being a man ain’t easy as it seems ‘Cuz you’re judged by actions not words All the boys wanna be in a rock band And all the girls want a rock ‘n’ roll romance But if you wanna be that star forget about them And work on yourself, comparing is for fools I’m goin’ home to my family & friends And i know it’s gonna be alright Comin’ home after so many years and i know When I go, I’m runnin’ with the night Yeah, they think they’re better than us Maybe we’re better than them You can see it on their faces
Renegade 05:38
I’ve got this feelin’ that I don’t live by the rules And I’m drivin' on the wrong side of the road I’m accelerating burning rubber running from the law Cuz I’m maladjusted, not what they’re looking for Not so hot for the latest fashion, just being myself They won’t find a way to floor me, no Because braking is for losers If you slow down you’ll be late You’ve got to put your foot down now, don’t wait Now I’m tearin’ up, my wheels on fire There’s no denying I won’t give it up, keep pushin’ higher, oh yeah You could walk forever but you’ll never pass me by Even when you’re running You’re in the rear mirror while I fly Spitting flames behind me, got the pedal to the floor Quicker than a bullet breaking through the wall I’m an outlaw born in the summer heat The renegade’s alive now you can accept defeat Ride on!


released March 10, 2020

Produced, engineered and mixed by Dan Bentley at Absorbing Recordings.


all rights reserved



NASTY HIGH Nottingham, UK

NASTY HIGH is a 80s style rock band from Nottingham, UK in 2015 known for their catchy memorable hooks, wild energetic live performances and screeching high vocals who have played alongside Skid Row, Joe Lynn Turner, Y&T, Graham Bonnet, FM and provided backing vocals for Crazy Lixx in addition to releasing two full length albums. ... more

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